Great podcast

Dope podcast an awesome reviews🔥‼️

Please be advised .....

THESE GUYS ARE DOPE! As an artist, you truly want insightful responses to your music. You also would like to hear honesty from what they say about others. This is truly what they bring to the table. I love hearing these guys discuss music, topics, and storylines. Truly a great show.

Accurate review

I thought y’all provided a fair and accurate review of my music. Love your energy and enthusiasm during the show. Keep up the great work.


These guys are fun to listen and cover relevant and interesting topics. Their music reviews are diverse and fair, with a nice balance of criticism and praise. Definitely a good listen.


These 2 individuals definitely have an accurate ear for music. They reviewed my independent artist’s (Miroj) music and provided brief descriptions regarding creativity, as well as provided comparisons amongst current hip-hop acts. Keep going, fellas, and thank you for the opportunity.

Dope show

This a dope show. I like the opinions on here. It’s very relatable. I also appreciate the review they gave me for my music. Definitely keep pushin fam.


If you are a music lover and a true fan of hip hop - then this is for you. Even if you’re not that deep into hip hop - it’s a great way to learn and explore new topics - and leave with a new perspective of music! A great show where laughs and opinions take place. I love that they are openly honest and are relatable. Flaws and ALL! Seeing the platform grow and reach multiple countries (12 and counting at the time of this review) shows how consistency and persistence takes you places. I love listening to their commentary and painting my nails!


Put some respect on my boys.

super dope!l!

I’m so glad I came across the “ill-advised wise guys” podcast earlier this year! Uchay and Quincy are great! They make us feel like we are among close friends talking about music and everything beyond! It’s always interesting and easy going. The fact that they also open their platform to interview new up and coming artists is dope and very much needed! These guys are the real deal. I’m a fan! Great work!!


.....great people. Great hip hop topics. Tuned in

Consistent & Knowledgable

Even though they call themselves “I’ll-advised”, Uchay & QD do great jobs being educated on the wide-range of topics they tackle every episode. Their consistency also needs to be applauded, the dedication to the craft is very apparent. All podcasts should take notes as IAWG continues to elevate.

Dope show

Uchay and QD have great chemistry and are entertaining. They cover so many different topics, beyond just music, and are guaranteed to make you laugh.

Very good pod!

I must say I really enjoy this podcast. They talk about important current events both political and pop cultural with intelligent insight and thoughtful opinions. I think this is the type of podcast more people should listen to, not only in USA but also in other countries! About to check out another episode now! :)

Great Music Review

These guys are the real deal. Insightful , honest, thoughtful — I am an up and coming artist. I will be working with them for a long time. This podcast is legit. Very good.


This guys are over the top.. They chemistry is everything. They really are wise guys.. This is going to be big! #tunein

Great Podcast, Great Guys!

Ayyy!! In the exploding industry of podcasting, the Ill-Advised Wise Guys stand out & above! If you appreciate music & the culture like I do, you’re most definitely gonna love this podcast. Uchay & QD are funny af, knowledgeable and tell it like it is. They consistently deliver, keeping me up to date on what’s happening in the rap world. They also give a platform to up-and-coming talent in the industry. I love that as I’m always looking to be on top of “what’s next”. Their reviews are hilarious!! Possibly controversial haha - I don’t always be agreeing with Uchay’s reviews but you have to respect what he’s saying - it’s usually justified, can’t lie hah! I usually find the conversations the ill-advised wise guys are having reflect over into conversations me and the bros are having. And that’s the mark of a great Podcast. Keep going guys, really appreciate y’all! 🚀🚀

Every episode straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Great podcast with two very entertaining dudes. Discussing music news, reviewing new releases and debating the merits of artists and songs; Uchay and QD’s chemistry is on point! Music knowledge and sharp commentary make this podcast worthwhile. Keep the content up.

Comical And Honest

Where can I start with these guys? If I want an honest review on music, I tune into the ill-advised wise guys. They keep it real, they are funny and I genuinely love the dynamic between Uchay and QD. It is never a dull moment between these two! I honestly see this show going far and I support it 100,000,000 % lol.

Awesome show

I randomly came across this podcast in the related options sections and I must say at first I was a little hesitant, but I am glad I listened! These guys are hilarious and gave some great music commentary.