The ill-advised Wise Guys

The ill-advised Wise Guys

The ill-advised Wise Guys podcast stars Uchay and QDeezy! Every other Monday at 11:30 am EST, the wise guys provide their "ill-advised thoughts" on the newly released albums and singles by your favorite mainstream and indie artists from around the world! They also discuss topics in the ever-changing worlds of music and society & culture.

Recent Episodes

Episode 127 - "Back To Basics..."

Aug. 1, 2022

Episode Topics Include: (8:18) | How Did The IAWG Podcast Begin? (14:04) | Which Artist Introduced You To Hip-Hop? (21:15) | What Is YOUR Favorite Era of Hip-Hop? (25:48) | Things We Would KEEP and CHANGE About Today’s Music…

Episode 126 - "Authentically Tasteful..." (Feat. Camryn Suzanne)

July 18, 2022

Episode Topics Include: (6:49) | Get To Know: Camryn Suzanne (19:12) | Has Chris Brown Fallen Off? The State of Male R&B. (48:10) | Will Dance Music Become The Biggest Trend in 2022? (64:02) | Is Hip-Hop Allowed To Appropria…

Episode 125 - "The Yellow Tape..."

June 6, 2022

Episode Topics Include: (10:35) | The Art of Bodying a Song As a Feature Artist (25:22) | Is The Newer Generation Obligated To Know Music History? (38:50) | Is There Peer Pressure Among Music Fans To Like An Album? STREAM ou…

Episode 124 - "Are You Happy For Me?..."

May 16, 2022

Episode Topics Include: (11:45) | Initial Thoughts on 'Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers' (MMATBS) by Kendrick Lamar (21:50) | The Top 5 Songs On MMATBS (53:45) | Which Artists Are Comparable To Kendrick Lamar? (63:00) | Overall…

Episode 123 - "The Secret Sauce..."

May 2, 2022

Episode Topics Include: (10:02) | Is Future The “Best Rapper Alive” Right Now? (43:42) | DDG Says "Today's Rappers Are 10x Better" Than Back In The Day (59:37) | Should Streaming Be a Priority For an Artist's Promotion and G…

Episode 122 - "Trolling Gone Wrong?..."

April 18, 2022

Episode Topics Include: (15:45) | Young Artists and Unreasonable Expectations (37:08) | Has The Concept of “Longevity” in Music Changed? (57:43) | The iLL and the NOT so advised: Drake Disses Pusha T, New Lil Baby, etc. STRE…