Jan. 11, 2021

Episode 91 - "Land of the Coup..."

On this episode, we are back with our much needed ill-advised commentary on several topics that we feel people should be discussing within the Hip-Hop culture!

Episode Topics Include:

  • There was no possible way that the long awaited/highly anticipated ‘Whole Lotta Red’ album by Playboi Carti could live up to the enormous hype, right? We discuss whether the album was a W or an L for Carti and his fans! (14:46)
  • By now, we all are aware of the legal issues that Tory Lanez has found himself in, but are there any indications that the music industry will let him live..or will he continue to seemingly be blackballed? (31:24)
  • Recently it was discovered that the ‘Adderall (Corvette Corvette)’ rapper, Popp Hunna, allegedly snitched on his opps (at the age of 14), but do you feel sorry for him that his career is now in jeopardy? Or should snitching not apply to children? (50:49)
  • Based on a recent report, UK music consists of 10% of all streams, globally. Is that number surprising to you? If so, we give you a relatively complete list of artists that you may or may not realize are from the UK. (73:49)
  • Eminem had a problem with the tone that Snoop Dogg used recently when excluding Em from his Top 10 rappers of all time list. We discuss it all...get well Dr. Dre!!! (88:28)
  • We discuss artists that we anticipate will have a BIG 2021 and take their career to the next level...some names might surprise you!! (108:59)

Indie Music Review:

  • Miroj - BDE (123:50)
  • Will Double S - Validation (127:55)
  • Kilevrah Cash - Brotherhood of Mutants (134:40)
  • Young Will - Slap A Hater (139:45)
  • Lo Down - Bishop (144:50)

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