Aug. 26, 2019

Episode 58 - "Identity Crisis..."

Episode 58 -

SAINt JHN wows and JIdenna sparks a heated discussion

On this episode, the wise guys get into a quick rhyming battle competition, discuss their failed Popeye’s chicken sandwich scavenger hunt, then discuss if it’s possible for Chic-Fil-A’s chicken sandwich to be dethroned! This is followed by an extended digression laced convo surrounding woman and food topics that could come up. You’ll like this :) .then the new music reviews begin! Did you know who SAINt JHN was prior to him dropping ‘Ghetto Lenny’s Love Songs’? If not, we think you’ll be blown away! (10:50). Will all the real weirdo rap BROCKHAMPTON fans please stand up! They just dropped a new album called ‘GINGER’ (19:34). Jeezy’s underachieving, yet successful music career may have officially come to an end after dropping his ‘TM104: Legend of the Snowman’ (28:10). Then a VERY HEATED discussion ensues when the topic of Jidenna’s new ‘85 To Africa’ album comes up!!! (40:32). Should Rapsody’s dedication to black women laced album called ‘EVE’ be her big break into the mainstream? (60:15). Could the conforming of the music on ‘So Much Fun’ really lead to unseen success for Young Thug? (62:30).

Lastly, Sway Lee drops off a very lazy effort with his new song ‘Won’t Be Late’ feat. Drake! (70:53). ill-advised thoughts - QD: Shawn Mendes racial insensitive comments and why our society needs to be more forgiving (73:18). Uchay: Vince Staples sets the precedence for artists moving forward with his new TV show (79:54)! #musicreview #illadvisedwiseguys #DreamVizionNetwork

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