Aug. 16, 2021

Episode 106 - "Become The Storm or Get Stuck In The Storm..." (Feat. Vince Heartbreak)

On this episode, we were joined by Vince Heartbreak 💔. We were able to interview Vince and he stuck around so that we could deliver our much needed ill-advised commentary on topics that we feel people should be discussing within the culture!

Episode Topics Include:

  • (2:49) | Who is Vince Heartbreak?
  • (27:59) | Are Rappers As Sad As They Seem?
  • (40:20) | Stealing Flows: When Does Paying Homage Become Disrespect?
  • (65:12) | Are Other Genres Pimping Hip-Hop?
  • (70:10) | Influential Rappers Who Never Blew Up
  • (85:34) | Is There Room For the Young and Old In Hip-Hop?

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