Dec. 9, 2021

The Artist Muneer Proclaims Everything Will "Be Alright" (Sponsored)

An inspirational hip-hop track that shows off some serious style and keeps the good vibes flowing.

Nashville, Tennessee-based musical creative The Artist Muneer is an innovative "positive content hip-hop artist" with a unique vision. His attention-grabbing work is entertaining and inspirational, with catchy melodies and thoughtful lyrics. According to a recent interview, his primary musical influence is Lauren Hill, but he also considers Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Nas, Eminem, and Bob Marley to be style inspirations. The Artist Muneer says, "My goal now is to inspire positivity and societal change through music." One of his latest releases is the well-received hip-hop single, "Be Alright."

The Artist Muneer's new song is the perfect uplifting reminder during times of doubt. "Keep your eyes on the prize and rush towards righteousness," the artist says in reference to his single. The track relays its feel-good message straightaway, with lighthearted instrumentals and a reminder to never give up. Lyrics like, "struggles in my life made me who I am today, God made me part of the plan not a mistake," keep things feeling authentic. You know The Artist Muneer means every word of his single on a deeply personal level. Anyone looking to put a positive spin on a negative situation will definitely love the uplifting reminder that ultimately everything will “Be Alright."